Volume 47, Issue 4
The 2016
Invented Here!
Power Cell and Power Chip Architecture
Stephen Marsh
Encite, LLC
Mark B. Solomon
Timothy J. Meagher
Rob D. Pyatt
gRadiant Research, LLC
Kathleen McMillan
*; Anurag Gupta; James Patrick McGuire, Jr.
Photothermal Treatment of Soft Tissues
Portable Cleaning Article and the Forming Method Thereof
Yun-Chun Lo
Huntern Shu
Integrated Energy Generating Damper
Clive Tucker
Ross Wendell
Zackary M. Anderson
Evan Moen
Johannes Schneider
Zachary J. Jackowski
Sean Morton
Levant Power Corporation
Neil P. Ferraro
Ceramic Wavelength-Conversion Plates and Light Sources Including the Same
Nathan Zink
Madis Raukas
Matthew A. Stough
Yi Zheng
Alan Lenef
Osram Sylvania Inc.
Shaun Montana
Method and Apparatus for Customizing Lesson Plans
Renee Carolyn Mansfield
Laura Larsen Dudley
; Karen Theresa DeGregory;
Katherine Elizabeth Foster
The New England Center for Children, Inc.
Charles J. Andres
Self-Energized Wireless Sensor and Method Using Magnetic Field Communications
Robert Gao
Sripati Sah
University of Connecticut
Joshua S. Matloff
System and Methods for Belt Conveyor Weighing based on Virtual Weigh Span
Frank Hyer
Richard J. Tolles
Hyer Industries, Inc.
Heidi R. Pickreign
Electrospray Interface to a Microfluidic Substrate
David P. Prentice;
Russell l. Keene
; Stanislaw Koziol;
Joseph D. Michienzi
; Paul E. Linderson
Waters Technologies Corporation
Christopher Stow
Powerline Communication Control of Light Emitting Diode (LED) Lighting Fixtures
Gregory Campbell
Lumenopulse Lighting Inc.
Joseph M. Maraia
High Frequency Uniform Droplet Maker and Method
Eric H. Jordan
Makhlouf Redjdal
Kamal Hadidi
Amastan Technologies
University of Connecticut
Deborah M. Vernon
Heath T. Misley
Complex-Valued Phase-Based Eulerian Motion Modulation
Neal Wadhwa
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Quanta Computer, Inc
Mary Lou Wakimura
Chromatography Matrices Including Novel Staphylococcus Aureus Protein A Based Ligands
Shari Spector
Robert Smith
Joe Orlando
Nanying Bian
EMD Millipore Corporation
Karen Tiano
Roaming Mobile Sensor Platform Collecting Geo-Refined Sensor Data and Creating Thematic Maps
Ralf Birken
Ming-Liang Wang
Carey M. Rappaport
Sara Wadia-Fascetti
J. Gregory McDaniel
Northeastern University
Brice Tennant
Wearable Robot Assisting Manual Tasks
Haruhiko Harry Asada
; Baldin Adolfo Llorens-Bonilla
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Benjamin J. Sparrow
Brown Adipocyte Progenitors in Human Skeletal Muscle
Olivier D. Boss
Jean-Paul Giacobino
Energesis Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Fang Xie
GB 2,498,163
High-Throughput Immune Sequencing
George Church
Francois Vigneault
Uri Laserson
; Ido Bachelet
President and Fellows of Harvard College
Charles J. Andres
October 2016 -
Wendy Demoracski
Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds
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2016 Ⓒ Boston Patent Law Association
On Wednesday, October 5, 2016, the BPLA’s
Invented Here!
celebrated Massachusetts Inventors Day by holding its sixth annual
Invented Here!
event at the Microsoft NERD Center in Cambridge. The event gathered New England leaders in intellectual property, science, and technology to honor New England’s innovators, their innovations, and the stories behind their innovations. The
Invented Here!
program commences each year with New England companies, universities, research institutions, and law firms submitting nominations for inventions patented in the past five years. The
Invented Here!
Selection Committee then undertakes the challenging process of narrowing the nominations down to the featured honorees. This year, the Selection Committee narrowed nineteen honorees down to five featured honorees. The honorees represent many of the diverse fields of science and technology that comprise New England’s innovation community. The inventions of the honorees provide both unique contributions to the honorees’ fields of endeavor and value to society at large. Congratulations to the honorees whose patents, along with lists of inventors, assignees, and nominators, are listed below. The five featured honoree patents are highlighted, with the * denoting the honoree inventor accepting recognition during the evening of the program.
The evening’s celebration began with a cocktail reception, where the honorees and representatives of the honorees, in the presence of poster board displays of the honored patents, discussed the inventions with the attendees. The cocktail reception was followed by a recognition ceremony. During the ceremony, BPLA President
Erik Belt
McCarter & English, LLP
, welcomed the honorees, representatives of the honorees, and other attendees to the event, and Planning Committee co-chair Mark Solomon presented remarks on the Invented Here! program. Selection Committee chair
Dipti Ramnarain
Holland & Knight LLP
, then explained the selection process, which narrowed the nominees to that evening’s top five honorees. Dipti explained that this year’s judging encountered particular difficulty in selecting from all the highly qualified nominees, which resulted in five featured honorees, rather than the three featured honorees in prior years. The 2016 Selection Committee consisted of members of New England colleges, universities, and law firms including:
Dipti proceeded to announce the honorees of the evening. In announcing the honorees, Dipti provided a description of the patented invention of each honoree, as the honoree or representative was presented an award certificate of recognition, and acknowledged those honorees selected as the featured honorees of the evening. Following the ceremony, the featured honorees were asked to participate in a question-and-answer panel moderated by BPLA President Erik Belt and Deirdre Sanders, Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds. During the panel, the moderators posed questions to the honorees to learn the stories behind their inventions. The posed questions answered by the featured honorees involved how they became inventors, their motivation behind their inventions, challenges that they overcame to achieve their inventions, and the “ah-ha” moment of their inventions. The honorees were then posed questions by the audience, including their reflections on the patent examination process, funding of their inventions, and their interests apart from their fields of endeavor.
The BPLA’s
Invented Here!
Planning Committee is co-chaired by
Mark Solomon
Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds
Rory Pheiffer
Nutter McClennen & Fish LLP
Aaron Connor
Eli Lilly and Company
; and
Reza Sadr
Pierce Atwood LLP
Mark Solomon, Invented Here! Committee Co-Chair, presents one of the top honoree awards to Kathleen McMillan.
All of this year’s Invented Here! honorees (or their representatives) stand at the front to receive their well-deserved recognition.
Erik Belt, BPLA President and Deirdre Sanders, BPLA Treasurer, do their best Regis & Kelly routine as they engage top honorees in a discussion about their inventions: Kathleen McMillan, Clive Tucker, Nathan Zink, Olivier D. Boss, and Ye Ding, while Mark Solomon, Invented Here! Committee Co-Chair listens from the podium.
Dipti Ramnarain, Invented Here! Selection Committee Chair, explains to the audience the judging process conducted by members of the BPLA to determine the evening’s top five honorees. Mark Solomon, Invented Here! Committee Co-Chair, and top honorees Kathleen McMillan, Clive Tucker, Nathan Zink, Olivier D. Boss, and Ye Ding look on.
The audience looks during the Invented Here! Program.
Mark Solomon, Invented Here! Committee Co-Chair, explains the history of the Invented Here! program to the audience.
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