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2016 Ⓒ Boston Patent Law Association
Leslie Meyer-Leon, Michael Bergman, Maureen Mazza
Deirdre Sanders, Erik Belt
Erik Belt, Hon. Jacqueline Wright Bonilla
Hilary Libka, Judy Kuntz, Demi Wang
Volume 48, Issue 1
Erik Belt, Sang Young Brodie, Monica Grewal
Michael McGurk, Timothy Fisher, Deirdre Sanders
Jeff Clark, Leah McCoy, Jason Williams
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Community Calendar
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Table of Contents
Message from the President Monica Grewal
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Implied In Ink?: How Tattoo Artists Can Claim And Protect Their Copyrights Against An Implied License Defense
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Message from the Editor-in-Chief
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A Conundrum for Time Bars to Institution of Inter Partes Review in Wi-Fi One, LLC v. Broadcom Corp.
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The Passing of a BPLA past president and Founding Partner of Hamilton Brook Smith Reynolds, Leo Reynolds
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Give Back by Getting Involved—BPLA’s Patent Pro Bono Program
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Boston Patent Law Association Minutes of The 2016 Annual Meeting
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Members on the Move
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Moot Court Judges Needed
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Arbitrating Patent Disputes — A Strategic Choice
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Considerations for U.S. brand owners in Cuba
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WIPO ST.26: A Roadmap To The Future of Sequence Listing Compliance
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PTAB Grants First Preliminary Reply and Sur-Reply Under New Rules
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Visual Artists Rights Act (VARA) and the Protection of Digital Embodiments of Artworks.
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SCOTUS UPSETS THE APPLE CART? The High Court Answers Key Question on Design Patent Damages, But Leaves Many
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New TTAB Rules Aim to Make Proceedings More Efficient
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Officers and Board of Governors
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Trademark Solicitation Scams
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Monica Grewal, Greg Sieczkiewicz, Sang Young Brodie
Martin O’Donnell, Michael Bergman
Members of the BPLA Board and Sang Young Brodie
Kelvin Chan
Erik Belt
Susan Montgomery, Diane Whitehouse
Sang Young Brodie
Greg Sieczkiewicz
Sang Young Brodie, Erik Belt
Hon. Jacqueline Wright Bonilla
Michael McGurk, Amelia Pennington
Michael Bergman
Michael McGurk, Ashley Tarokh Brzezinki
Monica Grewal
BPLA 2016 Annual Meeting Room
Monica Grewal, Erik Belt
BPLA Past Presidents Erik Belt, Mark Solomon, Susan Glovsky, Lee Bromberg, Leslie Meyer-Leon